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Remy vs Fiber

Remy VS Japanese Keraflex Fiber

Diamante’ Secret Hair offers fibers for all…

Keraflex Fiber

What makes Japanese Keraflex Fiber superior to other synthetics?

Many companies use B and C quality fibers, commonly referred to as 'doll hair', as it is the same as dolls and feels like it as well. Keraflex heat resistant fiber is A quality, very rare in the industry offering a much higher level of color quality and feel. Almost impossible to tell apart, Keraflex fiber’s cutting-edge technology gives you the most natural alternative to real hair. The first heat resistant synthetic of its quality, it allows you to use a high heat styling tool to go curly, wavy or straight without damaging the hair fiber of the extension.


Why Remy hair is so highly sought after.

Remy hair is the highest quality of real human hair that can be purchased for use in hair extensions. Because all cuticles are intact and unidirectional, Remy hair blends seamlessly with your own hair, achieving the most natural look and feel possible. Our 100% human hair extensions not only look and feel natural, but can be washed, cut, color treated and are heat-friendly just like your own hair!

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